The importance of choosing carefully your sponsors: Expo, McDonalds and Coca-Cola

McDonalds and Coca-Cola are going to be the official sponsors of the Italian Expo 2015. That wouldn’t be noticeable if it wasn’t because of the polemic caused because the Expo has a healthy lifestyle as its core topic.


Don’t miss the statement provided by the organisation:

“Con Coca-Cola l’esperienza dei nostri visitatori sarà arricchita attraverso la valorizzazione di tematiche quali l’equilibrio alimentare, l’importanza di una vita sana, di stili di vita attivi, nel rispetto di un ambiente sostenibile”

With Coca-cola the experience of our visitors will be enhanced through the development of issues such as the food balance , the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle , in respect of a sustainable environment.


It is normal, as a company, that Coca-Cola and McDonalds want to be involved in these kind of healthy activities. It helps its reputation of “trying to be healthy brand”. That’s ok. Coca-Cola has tried to put in the market healthier beverages and McDonalds is making an effort with the salads, the fruits and the calorie account on their menus (which I hate, by the way). I mean, they are trying.


But, lets admit it, sponsor an international event completely centred on health, food balance and environment is overstretching the rope. Coca-Cola and McDonalds are not environmentally friendly companies and they are far from being an example of healthy diet. We all know this and they continue to be two very successful companies.


We can all agree that it’s important to establish your brand with good values. But if your sponsorship creates controversy and keeps people debating about how unhealthy you are and the damage you have made to the environment and the health of your consumers, you might have go too far. Being an hypocrite is not allowed to any company with the characteristics of these ones.

Regarding the organisers of the Expo…. Well, we really hope they have earnt a lot of money because they have definitely lost the sympathy of the Italian society.

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