Some ways in which your business can be socially responsible

Being socially responsible is becoming more and more important in today’s competitive market. It’s being proved that CSR increases reputation, internal engagement and the perception that society has of the business. Nowadays, giving back to the society is not just an idea or a punctual charity event. It is a communication strategy that needs to be planned and executed successfully to guarantee the success of our company.

But what can me and my organisation do to classify ourselves as being a socially responsible? Here there are a couple of ideas:

Innocent Big Knit

Innocent has managed to earn more than 1,5 million pounds to help people fight the cold through charities like Age UK with this super successful campaign. Innocent recruits voluntary “knitters” to made small hats for its smoothies.

Adorable, aren’t they?


The campaign has involved hundreds of people. Not only the knitters who make the hats and then send them to Innocent but also customers who love taking pictures of their cute smoothies. Because let’s face it: a small bottle with a hat on it is Instagram material. Free publicity for Innocent all over the world.

Volunteers happy because they are helping others. Customers happy because they are helping others and they have a cute hat to prove it. Innocent more than happy because its reputation of being a “Socially Responsible brand” keeps growing. Their products on Instagram and Flickr accounts are all over the UK and most likely because “The Big Knit” increases its sales. After all, who would buy a normal smoothy if one of those cuties were on the shelf?



In addition, some companies earn visibility for NGOs or similar organisations by “sponsoring” them in its products. Your company is probably not the NFL sponsoring The American Cancer Society in its events but what if we think in a smaller scale? What about sponsoring some local NGO or even a local group that might need money or some of your products. If your business is a book shop, what about donating some material like notebooks or pencils to that group in the neighbourhood that gives classes to adults with low resources?



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