What Next 2015

Last Saturday I had the exciting opportunity to attend the What Next? Conference organised by Manchester Entrepreneur’s Society.

We were able to listen to a number of interesting stories of entrepreneurs like Naomi Timperley, Jessica Huie, Steve Bartlett, Sriram Subramanian, Josh Cook, James Eder and John Bird (our favorite). They were amazing examples of intense lives and how to overcome multiple adversities.


Students and entrepreneurs met in The Comedy Store to talk about social media, living up to your potential, new technological advances, funding, dealing with a full-time job alongside a start-up and much more.

As it is compulsory on any big event of these characteristics there was a pitching competition divided in three categories: social, business and technology. The winner of each category won £500 hundred pounds for a 60-seconds pitch.


Manchester Entrepreneur Society managed to successfully organise a large scale event that lasted the whole day with a lunch also provided by the organisation. Well done guys!





Best Quotes:

“I just though I can” Steve Bartlett

“If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go further go together”.

“Business is hard. Is not for the faint hearted” Jessica Huie

“You have to make sacrifices” Hayel Wartemberg and Ndubuisi Uchea

“Not only work hard; work smart” Steve Bartlett


Best Advices:


Naomi Timperley’s: How to master networking?naomi

-Be thoughtful

-Be yourself

-Don’t think that you can’t ask for people’s help

-Pay it forward


Jessica Huie: Catching up with your potentialjessica huie

-Work to become the ideal you.

-Work in the person that you are.

“It’s important to decide who do you want to be and go for it because everything is possible”


Joshua Cook’s Dragon’s Den11000127_787572644623697_890709493641923119_n

-Avoid the big business effect; keep it as little as you can

-Treat the business like a baby. Nurse your business as you’d nurse a child

-Got stuck in and roll up your sleeves

-If you say you are going to do something do it and do it before you said you’d do it

-Set goals that are realistic and stick to them

-Under promise and over deliver



James Elder: From .Com To Cookbook & Beyond10615558_786070388107256_7059695572562746086_n

-Take opportunities

-Know new people


Hayel Wartemberg and Ndubuisi Uchea :Workshop “How to balance a full-time job and a start up”.

“It comes out to how much you care”wordonthecurb1

-Understand the value of time

-If people can see that you are passionate, they will believe in you

-Build a team

-Develop fearlessness

-Step out your comfort zone

-Find guidance or a mentor

-Be passionate


John Bird: The Big Issue John-Bird

-The way in which you pack things is as important as the message

-Relating to poverty four main actions need to be taken: prevent, emerging, coping and cure. Unluckily, Little money and effort is putting in prevent and cure.



The pictures that illustrate this article are not mine. They have been taken from www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk, www.prowess.org.uk, www.mirror.co.uk and the Facebook page of Manchester Entrepreneurs Society. All rights reserved.






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